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Discover why more Ad Agencies are dating (partnering) with web development companies

R-O-I (it makes sense financially)

Adweek published an article back in January 2014, where author Andrew McMains interviewed Seth Alpert from AdMedia, on the financial aspect of partnering with tech focused firms.

“…some shops are content to partner with techies rather than buy them…. Of course, the partnership route is more cost effective, even if it’s nonexclusive…”

When in a binde for some nerdy web developers it is more financially sound to partner with like companies in comparison to buying another firm or building a team in house.


Or as an Adweek article politely put it, “Shops need to go digital or die”.

The reality is everything has already moved digital and you need to start forming partnerships with the right companies to help supplement your efforts. The Adweek article goes on to state this very fact:

“Successful shops…will become “very flexible with third party contractors supplementing the skills the agency may not have.”

The reality is that if you do not have a web development team adding value and expertise to your shop you are already behind. Successful agencies have already formed partnerships with programmers and developers in order to stay ahead of the game.

If you're part of an agency that is looking for a quality web design team to partner with, we definitely encourage you to reach out and get in touch with us!


When pitching digital solutions to new or existing clientele do you find yourself stumbling your way through a proposal or consultation with words like HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, or LAMP Stack.

When you have a nerdy digital partner alongside, you can eliminate the guess work and conference them in on the call or consult with them on proposals. This helps eliminate using the wrong terminology or over promising deliverables to the clients.

Tip: By having a programing partner at your disposal you can ask the right technology questions up front eliminating project risk & setting correct expectations.


There are some shops that already have a team of web creatives and developers on staff but find themselves bottlenecked when it comes to meeting their clientele demand.

By having a web development partner, ad agencies can scale and expand beyond their normal FTE and eliminate any worry about missing deadlines or ability to fulfill large amounts of coding requirements.

More firms have found themselves partnering with companies who can handle both the work load and complexities that many web applications are requiring in today's online world.

Contact Stectech to discuss your current bottleneck.


By dating (or partnering) with nerds, ad agencies can take advantage of each firm's specialties.

The reality is that the saying really is true, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Fortune 500 companies are looking for firms that specialize in what they do. Mediocrity is dead, don’t fall prey to the misconception that you can specialize in media buying & PHP or MySQL DB’s. Don’t succumb to the thought that as an agency you can do it all. Partner with a development team that knows technical solutions and is well versed in the industry.

Tip: Leverage your partner for client meetings to uncover new solutions that can simplify their web presence & bring in additional revenue for your firm. Or have them on conference calls to aid with technical communication on proposals or sales calls. Ask Stectech a technical question today.


By partnering with the right developers an agency can hedge or essentially eliminate their risk when taking on complex projects.

Inevitably any project comes with a certain amount of risk. However, going in blind to a web design project can prove fatal. Or even worse blindly promising clients on deliverables. By having the right developers by your site you can increase your agency’s level of confidence and pitch complex digital projects with relative ease and security.

You can feel safe and secure knowing that you are backed by a team of code guru’s that know what they are talking about. Talk to one of Stectech’s code Guru’s HERE


Shops need programmers more than ever now, below are 4 reasons why:

Unique approach – programmers have a very unique personality. Many are systematic in their approach to solve problems and like to avoid unnecessary hoops. This in turn helps ad agencies when they come across a client who has many pages to be reorganized within a website.

Trends & Technology - A good programming partner will be able to help an agency quickly find relevant and inexpensive solutions to their ideas, rather than having to re-invent the wheel, since they will know of the relevant techniques and products already in the space.

Innovation – Designers and Creatives are indeed invaluable for any agency. However, many times there becomes “group think” and innovation is needed for new or fresh ideas. A programming partner can help aid in this area by devising new or better solutions. Talk to one of Stectech's innovative programmers HERE

Proposals – when addressing a client's needs or wants, a programming partner can come alongside during the proposal creation to help in the technicality and offer creative, scalable solutions. This consulting not only adds value to any creative shop but also helps drive revenue by offering additional solutions to potential or existing clientele.

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