Introducing DigitalTattoo

The simplest way to unlock your phone—you just be you.

Available now for Moto X

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Created by VivaLnk in partnership with Google.

A Digital Tattoo is the simplest way to unlock your phone.

The discreet, elegant device is simply worn on your wrist, about the size of a nickel.

Apply it and just be yourself. It will stick with you. Your Digital Tattoo will hold through showers, swimming, and just about anything you throw at it.

One tap of the Digital Tattoo and your phone is unlocked, no finger swipes, no pin codes.

A Digital Tattoo kit includes 10 tattoos—about a month’s supply. Each will sync to your Moto X’s NFC unlock.


VivaLnk’s breakthrough technology has made it possible for us to create thin, flexible electronics that are adhesive, inexpensive, and disposable, and can communicate with smartphones and tablets.

We envision a future where our technology has been adapted to countless applications, including thousands of yet-to-be-imagined uses in the hands of people around the world.


Product Specs

Adhesive Lifetime:



Unlock Radius:

Approx. 5 days. Varies with skin type and activity level





How long does a Digital Tattoo last?

The adhesive on a Digital Tattoo lasts five days on your body under normal conditions.

Is a Digital Tattoo safe for my sensitive skin?

Yes, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that it is safe for even sensitive skin types, using top-of-the-line medical grade adhesives from 3M and performing extensive biocompatibility testing. However, if you do experience skin irritation, please immediately discontinue use.

How do I use a Digital Tattoo with my Moto X?

Sync 1. Select a Digital Tattoo from your pack. 2. On your Moto X, go to Settings > Security > Manage NFC Unlock and follow the onscreen instructions to add a new NFC device. A few quick steps and you're all set. 3. Try it out! Skin 1. Select a spot about 2 inches up from your wrist. 2. Peel the bottom liner off of the Digital Tattoo. Be careful not to touch the adhesive. 3. Press the adhesive bottom smoothly to your skin. Apply top pressure in a rubbing motion for 10-20 seconds so the Digital Tattoo sticks to your skin. 4. Grab the tab on the top liner and gently peel it back from the Digital Tattoo. You're good to go! Unlock 1. Press 'Power' to wake your phone. 2. Tap the back of your Moto X to the Digital Tattoo on your wrist to unlock. 3. Just be yourself! Your Digital Tattoo will stick with you.

Does Digital Tattoo support other phones in addition to Moto X?

Moto X is the only phone we support at this time, though please consider joining our mailing list to keep informed of product updates. If you are not a Moto X owner and are interested in Digital Tattoos, please email us at [email protected] and let us know what phone you would like us to support!

Do the tattoos come in multiple designs?

All Digital Tattoos come in our circuit design at launch. We have several other great designs on the way, however, and welcome your ideas for more.