Veterans Protection and Support Services (VPSS) is the brainchild of two retired enlisted military Army and Air Force veterans with over 60 years of combined experience in the global workplace.


Who We Are:

Veterans Protection and Support Services (VPSS) is the brainchild of two retired enlisted military Army and Air Force veterans with over 60 years of combined experience in the global workplace.

Chief Executive Officer:

Dr. Edward Dumont is a retired U.S. Army senior noncommissioned officer and logistics professional with over 20 years of active duty service to his country. He served in combat zones in the Middle East and Southern Asia working all aspects of logistics during his military service and earned a Ph.D. in Logistics during this time as well as a certification in project management. In his post-active duty career, Dr. Dumont worked as a convoy driver, a military mentor to allied armies, and later as senior staff on overseas Department of Defense (DoD) and State Department (DoS) contracts. He had oversight of tens of millions of dollars and successfully executed the logistics, transportation, and supply chain aspects of those contracts. His experience and education, coupled with his diverse understanding of overseas cultures, make him the ideal leader for VPSS.

Chief Operating Officer:

Mr. Philip J. Rechnitzer, Jr. is a retired U.S. Air Force senior noncommissioned officer and human resources and defense planning professional with over 22 years of active duty service to his country, including service in Air Force special operations. He served in combat zones in the Middle East, Europe, Far East Asia, and Southern Asia and earned an MA in International Relations as well as 7 other undergraduate and associate business degrees during his active duty service. In addition, during this period, Mr. Rechnitzer obtained an MBA with concentrations in Human Resources, International Business, General Management and Military Operations, Summa Cum Laude. He has since been accepted into a Concord Law School, a brick-and-mortar and online institution of legal studies. His post-service career includes serving as a mentor training allied forces and as senior staff with DoD contract companies. He has held various positions working for foreign firms in Southern Asia and the cruise industry as a business development manager, project manager, senior human resources and finance manager, human resources director and a military advisor, in international locations on all continents and the open seas with the exception being Antarctica.

Mission Statement

“When you need help, no matter when, where, or why, VPSS has the leadership with the guts to try.”

Motto: “Guts to Try”

Our motto, “Guts to Try” is inspired from an operation that happened decades ago and still resonates in the special operations community today. On 24 April 1980 (if we are writing this on our website, we should probably use civilian date format), President Carter ordered a rescue attempt of 52 American hostages held in Iran in violation of our nation’s sovereignty and national interest. The mission, Operation EAGLE CLAW was an ad hoc, multi-service mission that included conventional and special operations assets from all elements of the military. Planned as best those military leaders could achieve at the time, it resulted in a disaster and a huge embarrassment for the United States. While a travesty, that operation and its failure resulted in an overhaul of special operations. The book “The Guts to Try: The Untold Story of the Iran Hostage Rescue Mission by the On-Scene Desert Commander” by Colonel James Kyle, explains in detail the problems of the planning and the horrors of the execution. It is this event and the book that provided the inspiration for VPSS’ mission statement and what the firm offers to our clients. “Guts to Try” does not indicate expected failure, but rather that no mission is too difficult, and VPSS will embrace that mission with the same vigor that our military heroes did during EAGLE CLAW, no matter the challenges. We can get it done!


Our company culture is influenced heavily from the military organizations the two founders served in: The United States Army, the United States Air Force, and special operations. From these services, VPSS embraces 12 core values. The founders believe in these values and exemplify them in their own behavioral code:

From the Army, our values include: Loyalty, duty, honor, respect, and courage.

From the Air Force, our values include: Integrity, service before self, and excellence in all we do.

From Special Operations, our values include: Innovation, versatility, character, and the importance of people


Too often, companies use the term “ethics” as a requirement for their operations and business model but yet, all too often the ethics is not practiced. Furthermore, the ethics often cited is misunderstood, and thus taken for granted. The term ethics is actually not as easily defined as any scholar of business ethics will assert because it has differing meanings and disciplines. Two different forms of ethics have completely opposite approaches: utilitarian and deontological.

Utilitarian ethics believes that any act that results in the most happiness to the most people is ethical. It is essentially Machiavellian in “the ends justify the means” and indicates that the act itself might indeed by amoral, but is altogether ethical so long as it brings happiness and joy to the most people.

Deontological ethics believes in the morality of the act itself, regardless of the outcome. The act must conform to accepted societal norms and behaviors which becomes the barometer to consider for an act to be ethical. Thus the ends do not justify the means in this case, because if the means must be accomplished using unacceptable behavior, then it is not ethical to begin with and thus amoral.

For VPSS, this means that ethics comprises aspects of both concepts and our firm will strive to ensure both ethical philosophies are evident. It means our firm carefully examines the morality of the act and the results in all we do. This is what we mean by our ethics. Both utilitarian and deontological philosophies will be a core aspect of our business operations and the decisions our firm makes.

Business Startup

VPSS can help you develop/create a business plan and obtain capital funding

Afghanistan Startup

New to Afghanistan and have won a contract? VPSS can help you obtain legal authority to operate your firm in Afghanistan. This includes licensing, labor law, taxes, VISAs, etc…

Dubai Startup:

Relocating to Dubai, UAE or starting a firm in UAE, VPSS can assist with the legal authority your firm needs to operate in Dubai or anywhere else in UAE

Global Mobility:

VPSS can assist your firm when relocating or starting operations in a new country. VPSS global mobility personnel can provide transportation, residency Visas, and even assist with accommodations

Supply Chain Linkages:

VPSS can assist with creating new supply chains for firms beginning operations overseas

Dari/Pastho/Urdu/Arabic linguist support:

VPSS can help obtain native speaking linguists throughout the Middle East and Southern Asia

K-9 Operations/Training:

VPSS can provide K-9 services with teams proficient in both leashed and off-leash detection operations

Starting a new career as a K-9 handler? VPSS can provide interested candidates to become a certified K-9 handler

Foreign Internal Defense (FID):

VPSS can provide expert advisors (mentors, trainers) to help develop allied militaries in all functions: HR, Intelligence, Operations Training, Logistics, Administration, Medical, etc… Our personnel have provided such consultation both during their active duty and post-military careers. In addition, VPSS personnel can provide geographic experts schooled in the cultural nuances of the region

Personal Security Details (PSD):

VPSS can provide PSD teams, guard, or security assets to protect your firm, your personnel, or other vital interests

Special Forces consultation:

VPSS can provide expert advice on asymmetrical warfare to your firm or partners

Exercise Planning:

VPSS personnel can provide exercise planners, including officials skilled in DoD Joint Operational Planning and Execution System (JOPES)

Legal Advisors:

VPSS has experts that can provide legal advice from Bar-certified lawyers


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Charitable Organizations

Wounded Warrior Project,

Special Operations Foundation