Open source development is software whose source code is made available to public so that they can either use it or modify from the original. Open source software are generally built through a joint effort among different developers in order to improve the source code and share whatever changes they have made to their online community.

Open source concept developed in the virtual world in response to commercial software that were usually developed and owned by major corporations.

Difference between Open Source and Commercial Software

When open source development are created and published by open source communities, unlike commercial software that are sold by corporations, their licenses guarantees that the source codes inside the application is available for everyone to download, inspect, change, and re-built according to their wish.

That’s why the name, open source: the code, or the language that is used to build the software, cannot only be obtained by anyone, but also improve them using different skills. The open source license also protects anyone using the open source development against discrimination, and gives them right to use any way they like.

Open Source Development at Stectech

Stechtech – a open source development company – provides several different services, including open source development, its customization, and implementation on applications. Our highly-skilled team of designers as well as developers are proficient in not only designing web templates, but also creating skins, installing open source developments, and finally, integrating seamlessly in other larger systems.

At Stectech, we also provide custom open source development according to our individual client’s needs.
Stectech offers the following open source development services:

1. osCommerce Development at Stectech

Do you have products to sell to your potential clients? Don’t worry, as Stectech’s expert team of designers and developers will quickly setup an online store at ease adding state-of-the-art features to enhance your user’s experiences.

osCommerce is an e-commerce solution to help setup your online virtual shop, easily. They are free because they’re Open Source-based solution published under the GNU license.

2. Joomla Development and Customization

Do you need to publish content on your website describing in details about what you offer, or teach people how to use your products? Stectech has been specializing in developing custom Joomla development. What is Joomla, anyway?

Well, Joomla is open source, free, and a content management system used to publish content on your website. Joomla has numerous features such as RSS feeds, news flashes, blogs, page caching for better performance, website searching, and polls among others.

3. Dotnet Nuke

Need a commercial website setup for a large company? Trust Stectech to create and deploy large scale commercial projects on the fly using DotNetNuke – an open source web application framework built upon the most popular language, Microsoft’s ASP.NET.

4. Custom Magento Applications

Magento is software built upon the open source technology. It gives you a complete control and freedom to customize as well as upgrade web application according to your individual business needs. The best part is that you’ll get continuous support from large community of dedicated developers who are continuously striving to improve the Magento source code.

5. X-Cart Development

Looking for shopping carts software? We custom develop shopping cart with X-Cart development, which is built upon the most popular language, PHP and MySQL. The online software cart also comes with a support for Smarty Template technology.

6. Drupal Development

Drupal is free, open source, and a content management system (CMS), again written in PHP. Drupal, like most modern CMS’s out there in the market today, assist their administrators to create, organize, and publish content. Further, Drupal also lets their system admin to customize their presentations, manage site visitors, authors, and many other administrative tasks, with just a few click of a button.

If you require a custom open source development, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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